Evolution de Mote

Logiciel Gratuit (en Java). Très performant au niveau de la gestion des plans. (ligne de vue, lumière, brouillard de guerre).
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Evolution de Mote

Message par della » jeu. 9 nov. 2017 00:09

Après suivi Mote dans sa version 1.5, et abandonné à la 1.6, Mote continue son évolution, on arrive à la version 1.10 :o
Pour l'instant, je ne vais pas trop m'y pencher.

Le Google+ du projet
Le site Idle ideas

Voici les possibilités de Mote:


+Automatic updates

+It's a one-file application that runs on its own Java. Users won't need to manage Java installations in their systems forever.

+Faster processing for Fog of War and (vision) blocking. Previous versions have introduced dynamic vision blocking based on objects on the map.

+Better connectivity options, including an online option, called Sandstorm, to ensure your players can connect to you, without the hassle of setting up any hardware or software.

+It is faster than MapTool in script execution. This is because much of the application's code and libraries have been upgraded to better alternatives, resulting in better JSON processing, and macro parsing.

+The Movement Event Layer. User-laid areas that can affect movement costs and trigger scripted events, among other things.

+Optional path finding, for more immersive strategies!

+Full Unicode support. Made for foreign language users.

+Virtually unlimited "nesting" i.e. "{}", for scripts, capped at 50 levels.

+It's very efficient with overall memory usage.

+Depending on a campaign's script-content, (thread) stack size has also gone down.

+A full-fledged, IDE-like script editor with auto-completion and syntax highlighting.

+Tokens can have multiple images associated with it. Great for switching looks and disguises.

+It offers SQL to take reliance off in-memory maps and collections

+Streaming audio executed from both script and from browsing the file system, with popular audio formats supported such as: ogg, mp3, wav, flac etc.

+A new handouts system that is both simple & intuitive.

+New event hooks. Please see the bundled wiki, for more details.

+Audio and handout triggers using macro buttons.

+Customizable layouts to arrange windows depending on the situation e.g. GM view, Player View, Scripting view.

+New dice box capable of stringing together complex expressions, saving these, and can be selective in who to send results to.

+Context help for new and current keys and controls. A portable wiki detailing information and features, such as the new additions to the API.

+Completed table functionality. This refers to the tables found in MapTool, where images, and roll results are stored, which can be referenced like a data table, or used as dice rolls. Users can now create, edit, and reference everything, unlike in MapTool. Card systems can use this to simulate shuffles and draws.
+Informative error reporting that goes to the pertinent area of the code in error.

+Search and edit functionality for macros.

+Movable and "groupable" drawables.

+Undo/Redo for Blocking Layer Objects

+Extensive private messaging that can be used for GM/Player to Player messaging, Character to Character dialog, or IRC channel and IRC private messaging.

+An inspection tool for a quick overview of map objects, including (vision/dynamic) blocking objects.

+On-map pinning of drawing toolbars

+You can set server policies on the fly, even on a running session.

+A simple tool for aligning the application's grid to maps with existing grid lines.

+Archived assets used for repositories can now be downloaded in bulk, using popular file hosting services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

+Syrinscape 3rd party integration.

+Bundled with Class Act, our very own free "token" creator.

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Re: Evolution de Mote

Message par Lazarius » jeu. 9 nov. 2017 22:37

Hmmm... je vais peut-être y (re)jeter un coup d’œil :)
Merci pour l'annonce Della
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